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Multimedia, AV Everytime we feature a multimedia device review here at OSNews the question is always the same: "...but does it support OGG?". Well, this time we do have such a device in our lab to test out for you. sent us in the iRiver E10, a powerful multimedia music and video player.
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RE[2]: Gapless playback
by DigitalAxis on Sun 6th May 2007 22:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Gapless playback"
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Apparently the "Rio" interface is just the thing that Sigmatel wrote for their chips- which play back MP3 and OGG...

I'm in the market (sort of) for a DAP, but it's tempered by a few things:
* I want to replace my USB flash drive at the same time, so the device must operate as a USB Hard Drive (drag and drop is nice)
* Must have OGG support. I have too many OGGs from too many sources to consider re-ripping them as MP3s.

Basically I thought I had narrowed it down to the Cowon iAudio X5 (60GB) or the Trekstor Vibez, but there are various problems with each of them...

* The iAudio needs a docking connector to power up and connect to a computer
* Old
* Does not sort by internal file tags (not so much of a problem, my music collection is meticulously sorted by file name)

* The Vibez scrollwheel is apparently very touchy, and hard to center-click
* The Vibez only goes up to 12 GB
* The Vibez isn't really any smaller than the iPod or the X5L

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