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Multimedia, AV Everytime we feature a multimedia device review here at OSNews the question is always the same: "...but does it support OGG?". Well, this time we do have such a device in our lab to test out for you. sent us in the iRiver E10, a powerful multimedia music and video player.
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by kwan_e on Mon 7th May 2007 01:06 UTC
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I bought an iriver e10 earlier this year. It's great. I like to listen to music to get me to sleep. It's quite capable of supporting my body weight...

The reason why e10 needs their "proprietary" software is because they use a "proprietary" internal database.

You can still use the e10 like a usb mass storage device and copy music into it.

There's an opensource library and an app to go with it called PMPLib and EasyPMP which is able to write to the e10's internal database.

So all you need to do is to copy your music files into the Music folder, create a few playlists using WinAmp or Beep Media Player or anything that produces m3u playlists and run the program. The program will convert the m3u playlists into the e10 internal database format.

The most important thing you have to remember is that every time you want to remove a music file, you have to run EasyPMP again. Otherwise you will corrupt the internal database and have to "revert" the player (ie, the e10 reconstructs the filesystem as it originally was without anything you put on there previously).

PMPLib and EasyPMP works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

The easiest way around all of this is to just copy your files into the e10 as you would any usb drive. Then you go to "Extras" on the main menu, then on to "Browse Device" and you can play your music from there. The drawback is that you do not get the functionality you get from playlists.

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