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General Development To celebrate the 1000th article of the magazine Obligement, Carl Sassenrath returns through this long interview on its origins at Amiga Inc. in the 1980's (Manager of AmigaOS and Amiga CDTV system development, among others), the bankruptcy of Commodore, its passages at Apple Computer and Viscorp, Amiga NG, or on its new revolutionary language REBOL. A classic name in the Silicon Valley!
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Hi Megatux - Rebol browser plug-in surely is not abandoned. The thing is, that plug-in development came in two phases - in first one, emphasis was put on IE and IE only. Well, many community members objected, and hence we gathered materials to enable creation of NS compatible plug-in :-)

So, the second phase brought us some improvements, as semi-automatic updates, FF/Mozilla, Opera support, multiple browser plug-in instances, etc.

But - RT started to work on R3 then, which should be much better Rebol, and what is more - we needed better security scheme for plug-in. Those things are going to be adressed with R3, so I think that plug-in was just postponed, not actually abandoned. IIRC they also said it will be open-sourced (plug-in interface, not Rebol)

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