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SkyOS After months of work, there is now a new complete C++ API for SkyOS, which replaces the old C API. The C++ API consists of more than 150 classes, including support for thread and process information, full GUI support, and gesture support, to name a few. Additionally, news about the LiveCD and some of the technology behind it has been updated, including a few screenshots of the LiveCD in action.
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RE[2]: c++ is fine for bindings
by BrianH on Mon 7th May 2007 19:13 UTC in reply to "RE: c++ is fine for bindings"
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Inevitably, as soon as you create bindings for any sort of interpreted language, you'll find that you're having to encapsulate your classes in very C-like wrappers.

Unless your language is either open-source (or extensible with native-code extensions like REBOL 3), at which point your wrapper code will only be as C-like as your language's underlying source code (or plugin API). A well-designed modular language implementation can wrap C++ code with ease, particularly if it already needs to on other platforms and so is prepared for the task.

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