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SkyOS After months of work, there is now a new complete C++ API for SkyOS, which replaces the old C API. The C++ API consists of more than 150 classes, including support for thread and process information, full GUI support, and gesture support, to name a few. Additionally, news about the LiveCD and some of the technology behind it has been updated, including a few screenshots of the LiveCD in action.
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RE[2]: Colour me unconvinced
by galvanash on Mon 7th May 2007 20:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Colour me unconvinced"
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Not every. Just to mention the better known ones: MFC for Windows is C++, so is the whole BeOS (plus Haiku, Zeta) API.

Although you are right on BeOS, it is most definitely the exception, not the rule. And even then it is not a pure C++ API. Be's API is a C++ wrapper around a C based kernel. Technically, it could be considered a framework, but since it is the _primary_ programming interface for the OS calling it an API is entirely appropriate.

As for MFC, it is not an API at all. It's a framework and the 2 are not the same thing. Windows has a C API (Win32) just like Linux (and just about every other unix variant). MFC is conceptually equivalent to GTK++, it is a wrapper around a C API.

I personally think replacing a C based API with a C++ one is a bad decision, and I dont think that is really what we are talking about here. Although the article states this is a C++ API, Im pretty sure it is actually a wrapper around the existing C API.

I could be wrong but if I am I question the sanity of the development team as throwing away a working C API and replacing it with a C++ one is essentially starting over - EVERY piece of software written for this OS would be instantly rendered incompatible. Im pretty sure that is not the case here.

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