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Windows "I have been using Mac OS X as my primary OS for almost a year now, but last night I switched back. What spurred it is that my Mac OS X partition crashed and it wouldn't boot back into the OS - I used rescue tools and drive scanners but it appears that the partition just disappeared. I booted into a much smaller NTFS partition and put the Vista install disk in."
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RE[4]: Nah
by stare on Tue 8th May 2007 10:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Nah"
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Exactly, and it isn't a headache either. Restore your user folder from backup, and boom! There's your system exactly as you left it.

Not so for Vista users, you lost the settings in the registry, you lost your customizations, you have to change the settings of every program back to your preferred settings.

Or you restore from backup and boom! There's your system exactly as you left in.

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