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Windows Months go, I reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "All in all, I am impressed by Windows Vista [...]. Windows Vista is better than XP, and definitely more than just an improved look as many say." After 5 months of usage, it is time to put that statement into perspective.
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RE[4]: Sorry, but..
by stare on Tue 8th May 2007 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sorry, but.."
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On the same hardware Vista is alower,

On modern hardware Vista is faster.

takes longer to boot up

Roughly the same time or 2-5 seconds slower than XP (15 vs 20 seconds). Which is still considerably faster than OSX, not to mention Linux.

takes longer to shutdown

Rougly the same time, cannot discuss the exact times since I rarely boot or shutdown the OS -- sleep/hibernate works better.

existing games run slower

Can confirm this. It's shocking 5-10% slower, which is due to still not polished video drivers.

No games currently use DX10, when they do, you'll be looking at 2GB realistic RAM requirements, if not 4GB for any serious gaming.

No big deal, considering 2GB will be standart at the end of the year.

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