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SkyOS After months of work, there is now a new complete C++ API for SkyOS, which replaces the old C API. The C++ API consists of more than 150 classes, including support for thread and process information, full GUI support, and gesture support, to name a few. Additionally, news about the LiveCD and some of the technology behind it has been updated, including a few screenshots of the LiveCD in action.
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Adam S
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Ok... ok. The mod system is what it is, for better or worse. It seems to work fairly well and keep most of the trolls at bay. At this point, I guess I'd ask you to

1. Take it offline with me or anyone else. If you want: adam at osnews DOTCOM.

2. Take it to the conversation here which is already about moderation

3. Accept that peer moderation has its downsides and move on


4. Actually leave.

I hope you choose one of the first three, but if we continue on here, you're probably going to get modded down again, as am I.

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