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You know for a fact.....
by budword on Wed 9th May 2007 02:13 UTC
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that Dell is going to sell a crippled cheap piece of crap, especially if they are going to target this linux box at the budget market. They sold my ex's Mom a WinXP box with 128MB of ram. You read that right. It was slower than my old pentium 100 Win95 box with 32MB of ram. But hey, it was a 2ghz pentium 4, that at the time cost just under $1000. Dell crippled that machine by being too cheap to include enough ram to make it usable. Dell should be embarrassed. They will do the same thing to Ubuntu, giving new users a very poor first impression of Linux in general. I wish they would just leave well enough alone. This will not go over well, no matter what happens, Linux will come out of this looking poor. First, most people are just going to pay the extra $40 that the windows machine will cost, and install Linux themselves, so sales will be low, if any, and Linux will end up looking bad. Then any machines they do manage to sell will be crippled pieces of ****. Which users not adept enough to install Linux themselves will blame the problems on Linux instead of the crippled computer Dell sold them. Can you imagine a Linux box that comes with a load of crapware installed ? A Linux version of the new "AOL" on your LINUX desktop, yay.... This will not end well. The only place this makes sense is for corporate users who are looking for a supported desktop distro. Funny part is, I don't think any corporate user making those decisions will be stupid enough to 'CHOOSE' Dell support on purpose. Well, maybe they will, at that.. Linus took a hit the day Dell tried to help.

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