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Java Sun Microsystems has announced the release of an open-source version of its Java Development Kit for Java Platform Standard Edition. Sun has contributed the software to the OpenJDK Community as free software under the GNU GPLv2. Sun also announced that OpenJDK-based implementations can use the JCK (Java SE 6 Technical Compatibility Kit) to establish compatibility with the Java SE 6 specification. OpenBSD has already started importing the release.
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RE: Open Source is not a verb
by MamiyaOtaru on Wed 9th May 2007 12:23 UTC in reply to "Open Source is not a verb"
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Once upon a time, neither were host, fool, switch and many others. Verbification happens. Just as we can outsource something, we can open source something.

More on topic: I'm pretty curious to see what happens with GCJ, Kaffe and others now. Will they fold?continue on their own way? Appropriate bits and pieces (seems like that could be harder than at first glance), appropriate Sun's stuff wholesale? Harmony of course can't do the last two. Wonder if that had anything to do with Sun's choice of license.

OTish again. Harmony is an Open Source java, yet can't use (if they wish to retain the same Apache license throughout their codebase anyway) Sun's GPLd stuff. Could we more properly say that Sun Free Softwared Java? (verbifying again) ;)

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