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Windows "I have been using Mac OS X as my primary OS for almost a year now, but last night I switched back. What spurred it is that my Mac OS X partition crashed and it wouldn't boot back into the OS - I used rescue tools and drive scanners but it appears that the partition just disappeared. I booted into a much smaller NTFS partition and put the Vista install disk in."
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Why would you choose windows over OS X?
by Edward on Wed 9th May 2007 16:27 UTC
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Windows just plain sucks, I had to go to safe mode yesterdy, just to install something. This install of windows started being annoying a few months from being reinstalled, apps. start up slow. I have a AMD XP 3200+ 2 Gig, 512 memory so that isn't it. I still have 2000, I wouldn't touch Vista with a 70 foot pole, I have only heard that it sucks. I use OpenSuSE 10 for non gaming, only reason I have windows is to game.

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