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Windows Months go, I reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "All in all, I am impressed by Windows Vista [...]. Windows Vista is better than XP, and definitely more than just an improved look as many say." After 5 months of usage, it is time to put that statement into perspective.
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RE[6]: I agree, fair review
by Ultimatebadass on Wed 9th May 2007 19:02 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: I agree, fair review"
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Linux huh? I thought we were discussing Windows differences but what the hell, a bit OT never hurt anybody.

Yeah, I use/administrate linux systems, gentoo specifically, everyday at work and I love it.
It's great for servers (It's the only system my company uses) and work-dekstop environment ;)

On a HOME desktop though, I just want a multimedia workhorse, a "plug and play" system that I can run my games on, watch a movie and use a program or two without too much hassle. These tasks are still WAY less time consuming (and trouble free) on Windows. And on top of that I'm used to, and like, some of the Windows-only software I use daily. I just appreciate Windows for what it is - a great home system if you know how to set it up and maintain.

I've used Linux exclusively on my home desktop for 9 months just to see if I can switch completely... and it didn't work out for me. Not for anything big, but I just got tired of those little annoyances, like software compilations failing or misbehaving graphics drivers... and lack of my favorite games (no, cedega doesn't cut it - not even close).

I rather spend my free time doing things I like instead of fighting with the os to play that h264 encoded clip without eating all available cpu power or getting that latest and greatest 3d game to somehow work under wine.

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