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Java Sun Microsystems has announced the release of an open-source version of its Java Development Kit for Java Platform Standard Edition. Sun has contributed the software to the OpenJDK Community as free software under the GNU GPLv2. Sun also announced that OpenJDK-based implementations can use the JCK (Java SE 6 Technical Compatibility Kit) to establish compatibility with the Java SE 6 specification. OpenBSD has already started importing the release.
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Funny that everyone is complaining because someone said that grammar isn't being applied correctly. When it's to do with language people are quite happy to change and adapt to the situation in hand.

The rules of grammar are a standard to follow so that everyone can understand what is being said. If this was about IE and web standards you all be modding up lucke for pointing out how standards should be stuck to.

Maybe your double standards exist because you don't really care that much about the language as long as you can use it... sort of the same way not all web sites stick to web standards, because they don't always make sense.

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