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BeOS & Derivatives "Thanks to the work of one of the most active code contributors lately, Hugo Santos, Haiku is getting a generic FreeBSD network driver compatibility layer that will allow FreeBSD network drivers to be compiled and used in Haiku with few, if any changes. At the time of this writing, not only has Hugo committed the compatibility layer to the Haiku tree, but he has also succeeded in building two FreeBSD drivers (if_em/Intel Pro 1000 and if_le/PCNet) which are now capable of running in Haiku."
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RE[2]: This is great news!
by ormandj on Wed 9th May 2007 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE: This is great news!"
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I'm not sure this will be available for BeOS R5 as it did require several enhancements to the kernel directly in order to emulate some of the FreeBSD kernel behavior IIRC. I could be wrong, however, and maybe Hugo broke all that logic out into a separate code library instead.

I'm hoping it's the latter. Hacking the kernel to emulate FreeBSD behavior sounds "bad". I see this as more of a temporary step to get basic networking up and running for a large amount of people in the short term, while driver developers work on doing ports to native drivers for Haiku. I don't like the idea of hacking something to death just to have a quick "fix".

Perhaps I'll stop by tonight and see if Hugo is around to ask. ;)

I do agree with your comments about native builds inside of Haiku. I really do think, however, the network functionality is what was holding back a larger number of people from using Haiku. I know it's what has kept me from actively using it.

The stability fixes and such should be "helped" along once people start testing the system in more numbers. HOPEFULLY more developers will jump on board as well, to help with the additional bug reports/feature suggestions.

Haiku really needs some firm marketing direction now, that's the one thing they are sorely lacking. They keep having really impressive breakthroughs/milestones, but the only reporting is ad-hoc. I haven't seen any push for developers either, and that's what they REALLY need.

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