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BeOS & Derivatives "Thanks to the work of one of the most active code contributors lately, Hugo Santos, Haiku is getting a generic FreeBSD network driver compatibility layer that will allow FreeBSD network drivers to be compiled and used in Haiku with few, if any changes. At the time of this writing, not only has Hugo committed the compatibility layer to the Haiku tree, but he has also succeeded in building two FreeBSD drivers (if_em/Intel Pro 1000 and if_le/PCNet) which are now capable of running in Haiku."
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RE[4]: This is great news!
by ormandj on Thu 10th May 2007 06:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This is great news!"
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I have to disagree here I'm afraid. AFAICT there is a big demand, this very instant, for Haiku. this demand surpasses any number of people actally using BeOS by far. So marketing would be at a later stage I'd say

I was more specifically talking about marketing to developers. ;) I don't see that many devs flocking to Haiku at the current point in time.

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