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KDE "k3b is one of the most important applications for many Linux users. The immensely popular and fully-featured CD/DVD writing application has been a mainstay of the standard Linux desktop since its early releases. Since last year, Sebastian Trüg, the initial author and present lead developer of k3b, has been employed by Mandriva both to work on k3b and to work on the Nepomuk desktop project. We asked Sebastian a few questions about k3b, Mandriva and Nepomuk."
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RE: Excuse my ignorance,
by xultz on Thu 10th May 2007 17:03 UTC in reply to "Excuse my ignorance,"
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Of course not, K3B is a free software like any other GPL´d. The only difference is that the K3B author works for Mandriva.
As a Slck user, you know the routine, download the sources and compile it. K3B can be found in many distros.

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