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Hardware, Embedded Systems has an in-depth review of the OLPC laptop after testing the laptop. Their conclusion: "The XO laptops already shipped out are a clear sign of what can be done when visionaries, global firms, and international political organizations work together."
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There is an obvious response to that which the OLPC provide on the same page -

It should be mentioned that a common criticism of the project is to say, “What poor people need is food and shelter, not laptops.” This comment, however, is ignorant of conditions in impoverished nations around the world. While it is true there are many people in the world who definitely need food and shelter, there are multitudes of people who live in rural or sub-urban areas and have plenty to eat and reasonable accommodations. What these people don't have is a decent shot at a good education.

However, I can (as a child of the 80s) remember that schools had a knee jerk reaction where they threw IT at pupils because it was the "fashion" of the time. Let's hope the OLPC turns out to be much more than a technological fad.

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