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KDE "The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the first alpha release of the KDE Desktop Environment, version 4.0. The release is a basis for the integration of powerful new technologies that will be included in KDE 4. It has been given the codename 'Knut'." Meanwhile, the KDe HIG team is looking for help with finding applications that violate the (unfinished) KDE HIG.
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I guess icon view looks good for sreenshots. That's about it. I agree, it sucks big time compared to list or detailed view. Anyway Dolphin looks okay.

For now, the kde4 desktop looks incredibly ugly and boring but I guess it's normal since:
'For those looking for eye candy, the new composite-enabled branch of KWin has been merged but the composite features are still disabled by default, and the Oxygen icons are in, but the new Oxygen widget style is still too immature to be included. The basics of Plasma are there (try Alt-F2, and check out the new Run Command dialog as shown on the right), but most of the changes are still only in the libraries, so Kicker, the KDE 3 panel, is still present when you log in.'.

Btw, mixing tiny and huge icons in the kicker and having the task manager on two floors are errors imho and it looks hideous.


Yup first impressions are important. I'm not sure they are as important as they should for kde developers. Hope so however even if I'm concerned about the way the KDE team manage the KDE4 HIG.

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