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Microsoft "The Free Software movement is dead. Linux doesn't exist in 2007. Even Linus has got a job today." Controversial statements from the head of Microsoft's Linux Labs, Bill Hilf. Speaking on the last leg of a tour of Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Bill Hilf, more formally known as Microsoft's platform strategy director, was in the region to 'be descriptive and intelligent in giving people an understanding of open source and debunk a lot of the mythology around open source'.
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Sheesh....what a joke! :-D
by obsidian on Sat 12th May 2007 22:22 UTC
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Wow.... MS are *really* getting desperate...... :-)
"Free Software" dead? It has never been healthier!
Witness the *dozens* of companies, cities, states and even governments switching to open-source software.

I run both Linux and OpenBSD, and regardless of anyone's views on those, the fact that MS can't make an OS which even *remotely* approaches their quality speaks volumes. The """quality""" of MS' so-called "operating systems" is not even in the same universe as open-source ones.

A tiny sample of really neat OSS projects: Haiku, Voyager (OS/2 clone) and the great up-and-coming MonaOS too -

I'll also mention the great little IDE called Geany -

... and the very-cool public-domain "yeanpypa" parsing library written in Python. That lets you write parsers/interpreter directly in Python code using a very-similar-to-BNF syntax. Very much like C++'s Boost::Spirit (which it is inspired by) -

Sheesh... this guy must have the easiest job in the world. Wander along to MS each morning, collect a fat pay-cheque and spread FUD!

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