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Linux "Onebase Linux DevelopGo is a special Live-CD released by the Onebase Linux Project. As the name indicates, it is meant exclusively for programmers. Although I am a Windows programmer, I was searching for such a Live-CD that would allow me to experiment with different types of toolkits and IDEs available in Linux. Onebase DevelopGo matched exactly what I wanted to have with a suite of developer tools and compilers."
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installation problems
by chuck97224 on Sat 27th Aug 2005 18:41 UTC
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I downloaded and burnt the CD.

1. First thing I noticed is that it didn't find my network connection. Couldn't browse the web.

2. Second thing I noticed is the "save to usb" didn't find my usb drive (although the system found it).

3. Tried it on 2 machines with the same results (err.. failures)

4. Third thing I noticed is very little help was available on their web forum. lots of posts unanswered.

Now I'm wondering about the legitamcy of the review posted here. I'm disappointed. The product looked nice. I wish I could get it working... <sigh>

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