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AMD AMD will soon deliver open graphics drivers, said Henri Richard just a few minutes ago, and the audience at the opening keynote of the Red Hat Summit broke into applause and cheers. Richard, AMD's executive vice president of sales and marketing, promised: "I'm here to commit to you that it's going to get done." He also promised that AMD is "going to be very proactive in changing way we interface with the Linux community".
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by leibowitz on Sun 13th May 2007 21:20 UTC
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Why spreading news before any announcement.

Check your source. Nowhere it's said they will open-source anything.

That's just a phantasm you want to believe in.

Note: I would say the same thing to any website posting this news. That's _not_ true

Edit: I forgot that I think this is false because of an old article from August '06 saying what ATI did in the past that confirm some thought about them not releasing anything. I know, that's old. Read it and see for yourself.

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