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GNU, GPL, Open Source Open source guru Alan Cox has voiced his support for the controversial version 3.0 of the GNU General Public Licence in an exclusive podcast interview with Computer Weekly. Cox was once regarded as the Linux number two behind Linus Torvalds because of his work maintaining the Linux kernel, and he is still a major force in the open source community. But whereas Torvalds has openly criticised GPL 3.0, and said he will not be signing up to the new licence, Cox is fully behind it.
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No surprise here
by cjcox on Sun 13th May 2007 22:25 UTC
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No offense, but Alan works for Red Hat, and Red Hat is anti-anything that has patents, unfortunately that also means companies who possess patents. Red Hat maintains a purist approach to Linux which means no proprietary drivers, etc. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Red Hat and GPLv3 are VERY compatible with each other.

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