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OS/2 and eComStation Many OS/2-eCS users knows that we are currently requesting signatures to ask IBM to open source OS/2 (or at least the OS/2 components that are possible to be opened). We are getting close to send the petition, so if you haven't sign yet, go ahead!
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oh also...
by The Lone OSer on Mon 11th Jul 2005 10:33 UTC
The Lone OSer
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I HIGHLY recommend this petition be delivered to IBM in person as it is harder to flog someone off then it is to press delete on an email inbox.
Make several copies, one for PR, another for Project Management, another for CEO etc. get the heads of the different departments attention.. it may only take ONE of these guys to go "Hey, what a great idea" to get the ball rolling... I'd certainly not send it to just one person.
Anyway, best of luck.

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