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Legal "Free software is great, and corporate America loves it. It's often high-quality stuff that can be downloaded free off the Internet and then copied at will. It's versatile - it can be customized to perform almost any large-scale computing task - and it's blessedly crash-resistant. A broad community of developers, from individuals to large companies like IBM, is constantly working to improve it and introduce new features. No wonder the business world has embraced it so enthusiastically: More than half the companies in the Fortune 500 are thought to be using the free operating system Linux in their data centers. But now there's a shadow hanging over Linux and other free software, and it's being cast by Microsoft. The Redmond behemoth asserts that one reason free software is of such high quality is that it violates more than 200 of Microsoft's patents."
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In a Galaxy Far Far away....
by hackus on Tue 15th May 2007 03:09 UTC
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Commander! We have destroyed all of Microsoft's server room defenses!!!

They are running on open standards!! Proprietary shields are down to less than 20%

They are wide open too attack!

Set course for Microsoft's Home World Desktop!

Once in orbit have the fleet begin surface bombardment!!

We will bomb them into the DOS age....


-Stardate 20070514.2307 Commander Hackus, Fifth Regiment of the Galactic Penguinista Armada.

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