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BeOS & Derivatives "After a long and controversial discussion with the project admins we've agreed on guidelines for creating a 3rd-party Haiku-based distribution. In brief, other distributions may not use the word 'Haiku' in their name and we will provide a 'Haiku Compatible' logo for distributions that comply to a short list of rules that ensure binary and source compatibility. Please read the detailed guidelines for further information."
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RE: I thought it's open ...
by Savior on Tue 15th May 2007 13:45 UTC in reply to "I thought it's open ..."
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Ever heard of "copyright"?

It may sound a bit too strict (especially the prohibition on the name), but other than that, I think it stays within the borders of common sense. As I understand, they are talking only about "Haiku distributions" here, and not a modification of the core system (which the Haiku license allows).

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