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Linspire "This week, Microsoft laid out the next chapter in their plans regarding patents and open source Linux software, by going public with the claim that Linux infringes on some 235 of their software patents. The first chapter in this story began back in November of last year, when Microsoft entered into a agreement with Novell. These events, in my opinion, form the most important dynamic today as to the future success of Linux. How will all of this affect open source software and Linux? What should the open source community do? And... What will Linspire do?"
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Oh god
by Edward on Tue 15th May 2007 17:53 UTC
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allowing someone to patent something as vague as a windowed menu system is beyond stupid

You can patent that, how stupid. That is like a stove company having a patant on cooking food. MS needs to grow up.

If they had a real case, they would take it to court. Plus, what are the patents OSS uses without permission?

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