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Windows Nearly 40 million copies of Windows Vista have been sold in the first 100 days following its release, more than twice the sales of Windows XP over the same time period, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said in his opening keynote here at the 15th annual WinHEC. "We have been amazed by the response to Vista and what has happened in the last 100 days. So, in the first five weeks of shipping Vista, we have matched the installed base of any other operating system provider," Gates told several hundred attendees in an address entitled 'Platform Innovations for Today and Tomorrow'. In addition, Microsoft said that the follow-on to its Windows Server 2008 operating system will be an interim release due to arrive in 2009.
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If Vista is so popular...
by cmost on Thu 17th May 2007 00:55 UTC
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...then why are many OEM's back peddling and allowing customers to choose XP or Vista. Dell has begun doing this "due to popular demand" and so has HP. I'm an IT consultant and I can honestly say that many of my customers don't want Vista because it won't run some of their key software. While it's true that Vista capable hardware drivers and software patches are forthcoming, people don't want to wait. XP Professional is an excellent OS when properly configured. Most people see no reason to ditch it for Vista, which is unproven. I'm in total agreement with what others have posted here: If Vista sales are what Microsoft is claiming then it's because of OEM arrangements (i.e., people obtaining Vista with new PC's;) not because of retail sales.

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