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Windows Various sources are posting screenshots of the upcoming beta release of Longhorn, Microsoft's succesor to Windows XP. IE7 shots are also included. Due to the Slashdot-effect, mirrors are already available. Original source | mirror 1 | mirror 2. My take: Too much transparency.
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RE[2]: Not Final UI
by JrezIN on Mon 11th Jul 2005 11:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Not Final UI"
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No, it's not... do you remember Windows XP? The UI used until later betas was just a placeholder.
You should probably see this UI just as a technical implementation.

(Icons will probably be this ones in most places, like XP too. the folder icons designed to show the folder's content and other stuff possible with WinFX for example... but I could be wrong and this ones may be just placeholders too.)

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