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SuSE, openSUSE The fourth alpha release of OpenSUSE 10.3 has been released. "Inclusion of YaST Meta Packages handler; instLux allows users to start the Linux installation from Windows; we have removed zmd from the distribution and concentrate now on the tools opensuse-updater and zypper; TeX Live replaces teTex; first parts of KDE4svn entered Factory, its games are installed; 2.2; GNOME 2.18.1; improvements to our init script starter startpar to reduce boottime; first changes to support Sony PS3; Linux 2.6.21 with an updated AppArmor patchset."
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Personally, YAST was the original reason I flocked to SuSE back in "el dia" when I first started attempting to use Linux. It was the reason I stuck with it until SuSe9.2 (Started at 7.0) By then I had learned the bash/CLI well enough to compile and configure things manually and didn'treally need it anymore.

I still really like YAST and feel that while it works well, it is sometimes too slow to fire up or do its job; especially when doing things like installing packages. If something takes more than 30 seconds, I now find it easier to drop to the command line and do it myself, but I like the luxury and polish of YAST
so much that I always give it the benefit of the doubt and let it have a shot at a task before I dig in under the hood. (That is a luxury you don't readily have in windows!)

That being said, I have a question: I thought they open sourced YAST. That being the case, why has no one picked it up and vanilla-ized it so that other distros can make use of it? I think a few years in the open source community might make it a bit leaner and meaner. Does anyone think a leaner YAST would increase Linux adoption?

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