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Google A recent Google acquisition of DoubleClick for a whopping USD 3.1 billion has turned many heads. The recent past certainly does not fit into Google's traditional non-aggressive attitude towards acquisitions for monopoly in the market. DoubleClick Inc., a spearhead in ad-serving, is only one of many companies acquired by Google. A comprehensive list can be seen here. Beside Google's acquisitions, this article will also explore some changes in Google's philosophy and potential threats to web community.
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Actually, corporations don't have obligations to anyone. Corporations do not "feel". Corporations do not have "morals". Corporations only care about profit. This is the first thing you learn in economics. Profit by any means necessary. They usually don't break law but do it if they can get away with it. They do amoral acts if they can get away with it. They would do anything if they can get away with it and of course the more profit the better.

You might say that "the people of company XXX are good guys etc.". Well they might be, for some years until the company is run by shareholders (in other words, big enough) and those only care about money. The new managers always only care about money.

Rule of thumb, the bigger they are, the more evil they go.

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