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Gnome In the GNOME bugzilla, there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not to include a patch into the default GNOME installation which would enable GNOME to (optionally) have a global application menubar, similar to that of the Mac OS and KDE (in the latter it is optional and off by default). Installation instructions and .deb packages, as well as a 60-page (and counting) discussion of the patch, are available on the UbuntuForums. Read on for a poll on this issue.
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RE: non sense
by Coxy on Thu 17th May 2007 19:47 UTC in reply to "non sense"
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I agree, having had to use macs at uni, I think the one menu bar approach sucks. If I have several windows open and I want a particular option, I can go straight to it because I can see it even though the window is not the active one. With macos you must first select the app and then wait for the menu and then select the option.

Maybe if you running everything full screen it could be automatically enabled, otherwise it is automatically disabled.

A better approach would be RISC OS's pop up menu, no window ever had menus, you could reach what you need without moving the mouse: just pressing a button.

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