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Google A recent Google acquisition of DoubleClick for a whopping USD 3.1 billion has turned many heads. The recent past certainly does not fit into Google's traditional non-aggressive attitude towards acquisitions for monopoly in the market. DoubleClick Inc., a spearhead in ad-serving, is only one of many companies acquired by Google. A comprehensive list can be seen here. Beside Google's acquisitions, this article will also explore some changes in Google's philosophy and potential threats to web community.
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'Evil'? Please...
by MollyC on Thu 17th May 2007 19:47 UTC
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None of today's tech corps are "evil". "Evil" is so abused and misused on tech message boards that it's nearly lost all meaning.

When I think of "evil" companies, I think of wanton polluters, scam artists (like Enron), abusers of slave labor (e.g. IG Farben, likely the most evil corporation in history, who used forced *** labor, working them until they could work no more, and then shipped them off to be exterminated during the holocaust).

Using "evil" for any of today's tech companies severely trivializes the word.

(Notwithstanding that Google does invite the word to be used against them, since they loudly proclaim themselves to not be "evil" (and thereby imply that others are such).)

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