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Gnome In the GNOME bugzilla, there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not to include a patch into the default GNOME installation which would enable GNOME to (optionally) have a global application menubar, similar to that of the Mac OS and KDE (in the latter it is optional and off by default). Installation instructions and .deb packages, as well as a 60-page (and counting) discussion of the patch, are available on the UbuntuForums. Read on for a poll on this issue.
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RE: Fitt's Law
by rayiner on Thu 17th May 2007 23:01 UTC in reply to "Fitt's Law"
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1) Where, praytell, are the terms for DPI and screen size in Fitt's Law? Also, note that a lot of the HCI research in the 1980s was conducted on displays that would be considered "high resolution" even today. I believe the Xerox workstations eventually had 1024x1024 displays. A lot of the research dribbled down into 512x384 resolution Macs, but it wasn't invented there.

2) Displays have increased in size only marginally over the last two decades. High-end computer monitors were ~20" a couple of decades ago, and are only up to 24"-27" now. Indeed, a modern widescreen 24" display has approximately the same height as a 20" monitor did all those years ago. And screen size has nothing to do with Fitt's Law! It changes D in the equation, but that's far outstripped by the change in effective W.

3) If you work the numbers, you can see that the size of the display itself is fairly irrelevant. What matters is D2/D1, where D1 is the distance traversed in the in-window menubar case, and D2 is the distance traversed in the top-menubar case. A larger screen only causes D2/D1 to increase if people tend to keep windows the same size, in the middle of the screen. However, people don't do that. People with larger monitors just resize the window to show more of the document (vertically). Either way, the tops of windows (where the menubar would be) are still pretty close to the top of the screen.

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