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Gnome In the GNOME bugzilla, there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not to include a patch into the default GNOME installation which would enable GNOME to (optionally) have a global application menubar, similar to that of the Mac OS and KDE (in the latter it is optional and off by default). Installation instructions and .deb packages, as well as a 60-page (and counting) discussion of the patch, are available on the UbuntuForums. Read on for a poll on this issue.
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by bornagainenguin on Fri 18th May 2007 02:24 UTC in reply to "RE"
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Indeed. To the the people invoking Fitt's law from high in their ivory towers, I'll mention that "New Coke" won the taste tests back in the mid 80's, but the people demanded what they were used to, and the old Coke formula had to be reinstated.

There is no "Coca Cola Classic," because the whole "New Coke" fiasco was a publicity stunt set up to allow the company to switch from sugar to corn syrup. Check the ingredients listing the next time you buy a bottle and compare it with a bottle of Pepsi--notice the difference? Pepsi still says and or corn syrup, whereas Coke in most places simply states corn syrup...

--bornagainpenguin (who hated the new coke as a kid, but has come to enjoy it over the years as Coke II...)

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