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Google A recent Google acquisition of DoubleClick for a whopping USD 3.1 billion has turned many heads. The recent past certainly does not fit into Google's traditional non-aggressive attitude towards acquisitions for monopoly in the market. DoubleClick Inc., a spearhead in ad-serving, is only one of many companies acquired by Google. A comprehensive list can be seen here. Beside Google's acquisitions, this article will also explore some changes in Google's philosophy and potential threats to web community.
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A factual correction
by blahblah on Fri 18th May 2007 03:01 UTC
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>Perfect 10
Perfect 10 suit isn't over:

Weird, I wouldn't have even noted this, except I went to -> osnews -> perfect 10 ( it has some good selection! - at least on the cover.. ) -> -> to:
(google wins appeal over perfect 10.)

It all seems kind of incestuous...

>saving/searching e-mail
Anywho, who says yahoo doesn't save your e-mails? I certainly haven't seen any claims that they don't. I always hear this from people who say I should drop my gmail acoount. Then I ask them "And yahoo doesn't save or search your e-mails?". And then they usually just give me a blank look that says "Oh...".

They aren't just an ad business with some "questionable" practices - they started off using straight spyware, and not cookies. As in programs that install and attempt to hide themselves and gather information at all times (I've ran into some and did some basic reversing of it). In other words practices that are now _illegal_. This is by far the most worrisome move google has made. Granted, they've supposedly cleaned up their act...

Oh, google buys Waste Management. Granted, it has roots in businesses that were run by the _mob_, but they're clean now... really...

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