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Google A recent Google acquisition of DoubleClick for a whopping USD 3.1 billion has turned many heads. The recent past certainly does not fit into Google's traditional non-aggressive attitude towards acquisitions for monopoly in the market. DoubleClick Inc., a spearhead in ad-serving, is only one of many companies acquired by Google. A comprehensive list can be seen here. Beside Google's acquisitions, this article will also explore some changes in Google's philosophy and potential threats to web community.
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Thats how a Company Survive and Rule
by kunaldeo on Fri 18th May 2007 05:17 UTC
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Google is a diffrent type of company. Coming out of a University Project. Till now Google had made our life easier.Here 'I' is me not the ugly and big corporations who monpolise.

In computer industry its always like that. Micorsoft OS, HP Printers, Intel Processors, Symbian Smart Phone OS, ARM embedded Processor, nvidia Graphics and so on.

Considering the given monoploy who is providing us with best services and satisfaction is important here.
Google is providing best search engine and lightining fast gmail. So, whats the problem with that

See Computing is being revoutionized and Company like google is helping us whether its search engine,Adsense,gmail and for that matter google's other services . But at the end you are doing business. Important point is even after that who is providing best service.

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