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SuSE, openSUSE The fourth alpha release of OpenSUSE 10.3 has been released. "Inclusion of YaST Meta Packages handler; instLux allows users to start the Linux installation from Windows; we have removed zmd from the distribution and concentrate now on the tools opensuse-updater and zypper; TeX Live replaces teTex; first parts of KDE4svn entered Factory, its games are installed; 2.2; GNOME 2.18.1; improvements to our init script starter startpar to reduce boottime; first changes to support Sony PS3; Linux 2.6.21 with an updated AppArmor patchset."
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RE: Beagle the 3 legged dog
by linux-it on Fri 18th May 2007 08:25 UTC in reply to "Beagle the 3 legged dog"
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I don't know. But it's common sense not to install/use things you don't need.

While it may be an incorrect default for you (and me too btw), it's easy to kill it. Thta's what I did with all the latest versions so far, including the zen updater stuff, mono.

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