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Mozilla & Gecko clones "When Firefox launched in beta release five years ago, it burst on the open-source browser scene like a young Elvis Presley - slim, sexy and dangerous. Since then it has attracted millions of users, generally set the agenda for browser development and unseated Microsoft's IE as the de facto monopoly in the field. But, with Firefox 3.0 poised for release later this year, the 'IE killer' is in danger of morphing into an early Fat Elvis, if increasing numbers of die-hard fans turned reluctant critics are any guide."
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Stop calling anything "bloated"
by agentj on Fri 18th May 2007 18:41 UTC
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Most people don't even know how to write any simple program - not comparable to such huge codebase as Firefox , linux kernel or windows have.

If the code grows bigger and bigger, it's impossible to avoid the so called "bloat".

By the above definition, some people who complain about anything being "bloated" shouldn't even use computers, because hardware which computers are built upon is complex ("bloated").

All operating systems and good software are "bloated", because they take a lot of memory and hardware resources.

If you don't want "bloated" software, stick to DOS or buy better PC. You won't have to worry about such unneeded things as advanced 3D graphics, all sort of USB stuff, FireWire, networking and high definition sound.

If Firefox has to support your favorite XHTML or CSS fully, it has to use more complex page rendering algorithms.

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