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RISC OS Castle and RISC OS Open have revealed the details of their 'shared source' licence - which is hoped to encourage coders to download and improve the ARM-based operating system. The wording of the licence has drawn mixed reactions, and the first batch of RISC OS source code is expected to be released tomorrow.
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RE: License
by flibble on Sat 19th May 2007 09:37 UTC in reply to "License"
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"but it doesn't seem to contradict Open Source Definition."

A cursory look says it breaks the Open Source definition in 3 separate ways.

1: Free redistribution - the license prevents you from shipping hardware with this code without paying a royalty.

6: No Discrimination against field of endeavour - The license prevents you from using the code on anything other the ARM based platforms.

8: License must not be specific to a product - This license is written specifically for the RISC OS product, and could not be used on other projects.

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