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Games We usually don't report on games, but I would like to make an exception today. Blizzard Entertainment has announced the sequel to what many see as the best realtime strategy game ever made: they announced StarCraft II. The original StarCraft, released in 1998, tops many best-games-of-all-times lists, and has sold over 9 million copies worldwide; it is still one of the most popular online games, despite its age. In fact, in South Korea, StarCraft matches are even broadcast on TV.
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RE: To linux users
by vinzer on Sun 20th May 2007 12:24 UTC in reply to "To linux users"
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You choosed linux and there is almost no games on it so stop crying now.

Nobody forced you to choose linux, assume your choice now.

Actually, there are a lot of games on Linux, only most of those games aren't commercial ones.

Before acting all high and mighty, please do some research. And no, most Linux users aren't even crying about this one. Such false generalizations, and such erratic grammar.

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