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Games We usually don't report on games, but I would like to make an exception today. Blizzard Entertainment has announced the sequel to what many see as the best realtime strategy game ever made: they announced StarCraft II. The original StarCraft, released in 1998, tops many best-games-of-all-times lists, and has sold over 9 million copies worldwide; it is still one of the most popular online games, despite its age. In fact, in South Korea, StarCraft matches are even broadcast on TV.
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RE[3]: Hmm
by aGNUstic on Sun 20th May 2007 14:16 UTC
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"Just because you're running Linux, doesn't mean you're cheap. It means you have better things to spend your money on than a shoddy, overpriced OS."

I agree. One eample is nurse-maiding our remaining McSoft servers.

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