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Mozilla & Gecko clones "When Firefox launched in beta release five years ago, it burst on the open-source browser scene like a young Elvis Presley - slim, sexy and dangerous. Since then it has attracted millions of users, generally set the agenda for browser development and unseated Microsoft's IE as the de facto monopoly in the field. But, with Firefox 3.0 poised for release later this year, the 'IE killer' is in danger of morphing into an early Fat Elvis, if increasing numbers of die-hard fans turned reluctant critics are any guide."
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Ha Ha very funny Opera
by Dreadstar on Mon 21st May 2007 06:42 UTC
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I post a message criticizing Opera programmers, now today when I go to my ebay seller's page it's flagged as a 'Fraud' site. This happened once before, I popped-off here about Opera and a couple days later my own godaddy hosted website got the 'fraud' warning. That one only repeated two or three times though, so maybe these are just flukes. But there was an earlier similar incident, in the days of the ad-bar, I wrote to them about a perfectly stupid default setting and no reply but the next day my adbar came back on. Will this pass or do I need to contact somebody to find out how I got on their fraud list?

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