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Hardware, Embedded Systems Chip-maker Intel "should be ashamed of itself" for efforts to undermine the USD 100 laptop initiative, according to its founder Nicholas Negroponte. He accused Intel of selling its own cut-price laptop - the Classmate - below cost to drive him out of markets. Professor Negroponte, who aims to distribute millions of laptops to kids in developing countries, said Intel had hurt his mission "enormously".
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RE[4]: Intel is safer
by brewmastre on Mon 21st May 2007 15:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Intel is safer"
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When I was 10 I started using a PC with DOS, no GUI or similar, and all the same I managed to cope with technological innovation and to learn how to use Windows 95, then 98, XP and now a couple of FOSS GUI and bash. I'm sure that they're adaptable too.

I never said they kids were stupid. In fact some of them will go on to surpass many of us I'm sure. But don't you think that growing up learning something harder like DOS was probably better for you in the long run than to give kids a computer with an extremely limited GUI? Kids, are smart and adaptable, give them the full power of Linux and let them learn and they will go on to do amazing things. Don't shelter them with some Preschool interface.

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