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Linux Why is it that the average computer user still chooses to spend hundreds of dollars on Windows or Mac when there are countless Linux alternatives that they could download, install and make use of completely free of charge? Some answers here.
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Five crucial mistakes
by nedvis on Tue 22nd May 2007 04:29 UTC
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1 - Dissatisfaction with Windows
Cold be, but it's more about dissatisfaction with
the way Microsoft wants us to use their products.
Linux is more about choice and freedom.
2 - Too many distros.
That's totally irrelevant; average user will not install rPath or Astaro Linux ever. They usually go for three or four well established brands in Linux world.And BTW average user does not run new operating system in virtual machine nor does any testing on their own, same way they don't test Windows/Mac OSX, they buy recommended operating systems.
3 - Hardware compatibility.
It's getting better every day.
4 - Command line
I can't remember last time I had to use terminal/console and I'm using Linux exclusively everyday on my five home computers. And, actually ,
I found CLI is sometimes more efficient way of doing something than crawling through menus, submenus and tabs.
5 - Linux is still too geeky.
That's true if you're talking Arch or Slackware.
We are talking about Linux for average user and there are PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu and Mandriva for them.
ZDnet author may have some experience in techical writing but certainly not in social psychology.
Fortunately, average computer user DOES NOT READ ZDNET BLOGS.

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