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Linux Why is it that the average computer user still chooses to spend hundreds of dollars on Windows or Mac when there are countless Linux alternatives that they could download, install and make use of completely free of charge? Some answers here.
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Just for the record, I didn't say windows users are too stupid to use linux. The author of the article did, IMHO. (I think that's a load of crap. Anyone can learn linux, if they decide to.) I have to help friends and family with their windows problems constantly, despite the fact I almost never run windows. I have converted a few people, but not even half really. My frustration is that these people run into the same problems repeatedly, problems they just wouldn't have, (and the converts don't have) when running Kubuntu, I have to fix things, just because they won't bother to learn anything new, even new windows type things. I never said I was as bright as a doctor, or even a machanic, but I do make sure I know where the brake is before I get behind the wheel of a car. I do read the manual when I buy a new camera, or download a manual or guide if I buy an old or used camera. (Wanted a non-life threatening example for a fair comparison, with a computer.) Anyway, if you use a piece of tech, you have an obligation to bother to learn how to use it, before you complain. If a few more people just bothered to learn how to use linux my life at least would be a little easier. Now play nice ladys.

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