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General Unix Prior to the general availability of AIX 6, IBM intends to make a pre-release version of AIX 6 available in an open beta. "AIX is an open, standards-based UNIX operating system that provides the enterprise information technology infrastructure for thousands of clients around the world. IBM intends to take the next step in the evolution of the AIX operating system with the release of the AIX V6.1 OS."
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RE[2]: Just curious...
by zimbatm on Tue 22nd May 2007 16:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Just curious..."
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If you had read the article (last section), you would have seen that the open is not for "AIX 6 Open" but for "Open Beta". Which itself is refined as open for all their customers and not open for the world.

"The open beta program for AIX 6 will allow clients to download, install and run an early version of AIX 6 on suitable IBM systems in a non-production, non-supported mode."

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