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General Unix Prior to the general availability of AIX 6, IBM intends to make a pre-release version of AIX 6 available in an open beta. "AIX is an open, standards-based UNIX operating system that provides the enterprise information technology infrastructure for thousands of clients around the world. IBM intends to take the next step in the evolution of the AIX operating system with the release of the AIX V6.1 OS."
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Playing catch-up
by zimbatm on Tue 22nd May 2007 16:40 UTC
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Is it me, or are they trying to play catch-up with other OSes ? All that seems pretty much work they could have put into Linux.

Okay I'm not being fair, but for the fun, here is the feature list with some rough guessed comparisons :

* Workload Partitions - Xen
* Live Application Mobility - Xen live migrations
* Role Based Access Control - Windows ACL, ...
* Trusted AIX - SELinux
* Encrypting filesystem - linux loopback devices, Vista BitLocker, ...
* AIX Security Expert LDAP integration - ActiveDirectory
* Secure by Default installation option - Major trend, just look at the new linux distros and Vista too
* Graphical Installation - L.O.L.
* Network Installation Manager support for NFSv4 - ...
* Kernel support for POWER6 Storage Key - ???
* Concurrent AIX kernel update - Linux modules
* Dynamic tracing - DTrace on Solaris
* Enhanced software first failure data capture - better dump


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