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Slackware, Slax "VectorLinux has been one of my favorite projects since my first test of the distribution almost 18 months ago. I like VectorLinux because its roots are firmly planted in the stability and simplicity of Slackware, yet it comes with an extensive software base and lots of out-of-the-box great looks; in other words, a rock solid foundation with eye candy and useful functionality. While standard VectorLinux comes with the Xfce desktop environment and a variety of general-purpose applications, VectorLinux 5.8 SOHO offers the KDE desktop and a host of applications for small and home office users."
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by nedvis on Tue 22nd May 2007 19:02 UTC
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I've been using VectorLinux-5.8-standard-GOLD ( xfce 4.4 default GUI ) for more than six months on my poor old Dell Pentium III 500 MHz Optiplex mainly because of great support for multimedia I found in VL. That computer is my juke-box machine with thousands of mp3 and ogg files as well as hundreds of hours of recorded radio streams (Streamtuner) and movie trailers downloaded from
Try to do that with Windows! No way.
As for its stability/reliability what else I could say:
month or so ago I forgot to turn Streamtuner off just to find out after seven days I have 2400 recorded mp3 from my favorite radio station ( approx. 6 Gigabytes of music files).
I found VL SOHO even more usable package since I,m KDE guy so I can move my email, calendar, diary and documents back and forth between my home computer and one at my work-office ( all Pentium II machines)
Although I like Slackware I have lot more fun with Vector-Linux and I hope more and more people will discover all advantages of running this distro.

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