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General Unix Would you be able to survive one full day without using the X server? Linux offers us a wide assortment of CLI based tools which use curses and/or framebuffer for functional user interfaces. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able look up stuff online, read your email, look at pictures, watch movies and listen to music as you are trying to configure X.
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RE[5]: Short answer...
by sbergman27 on Tue 22nd May 2007 20:55 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Short answer..."
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It's a matter of choosing the best tool for a particular job... and deciding, in an informed way, what the best tool is.

I switch from GUI to command line all the time, depending upon which is most capable, and what I am most comfortable with, in a particular situation.

And it is important to note that personal experience plays a large part in that decision. Someone who always uses GUIs will be most comfortable with one. Armed with their hammer, every problem will always look like a nail. It's easy to dance the "One Note Samba"... just keep doing things the way you have always done them!

Sounds like I'm championing the command line doesn't it? But I'm not, really.

Times change. If lynx, links, elinks, or elinks2 fail to be useful as web "pages" and web "sites" start to be overshadowed by ajaxified web "applications", then so be it. Acknowledge it.

If you cling to a tool that is no longer useful, even though it used to be, then you will become an anachronism, stuck in the past.

You really do have to do three things:

1. Sample what you can of what tools are out there, both old and new.

2. Be ready to change the way you do things *when it makes sense to*.

3. Stick to your guns *when it makes sense to*.

I use GUIs more than I used to. I can't imagine using elinks to browse the web when Epiphany is easily available on the machine that I am using. But wget might sometimes trump Firefox when I just want a file.

And I tend to file people who insist upon using Mutt, and then complain about how people send them incompatible emails, to be a bit weird.

But I am using mutt at a couple of client sites, where I need an easily scriptable way to send mail as an smtp client rather than server, since the IP address of the machines in question would be filtered by many mail servers on the Internet at large. (Because they are dynamic IPs, not because my clients are spammers!)

Edit: Add disclaimer about my clients not being spammers. ;-)

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