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General Unix Prior to the general availability of AIX 6, IBM intends to make a pre-release version of AIX 6 available in an open beta. "AIX is an open, standards-based UNIX operating system that provides the enterprise information technology infrastructure for thousands of clients around the world. IBM intends to take the next step in the evolution of the AIX operating system with the release of the AIX V6.1 OS."
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New Features
by boing on Wed 23rd May 2007 00:57 UTC
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After reading that web page about new features it sounds like they looked at Solaris 10 (the other big iron Unix).

* Workload Partitions - ZONES

* Live Application Mobility - Would like to see live migrations for ZONES.

* Role Based Access Control - RBAC for Solaris

* Trusted AIX - Trusted Extensions in Solaris 10

* Encrypting filesystem - ZFS needs this and is being worked on. But ZFS has many other features over the current JFS.

* Secure by Default installation option - This is in the latest Solaris update

* Graphical Installation - Solaris has this, and working to improve this (try to get to Linux level).

* Network Installation Manager support for NFSv4 - Of course NFSv4 is in Solaris!

* Dynamic tracing - DTrace on Solaris

* Enhanced software first failure data capture - Solaris 10 Self Healing features, and how it links error codes to specific issues.

So if you really want AIX 6 features now (and production quality, which is a big thing), and want it for both SPARC (as compared to Power CPU), and X86, then I would suggest Solaris 10. AIX is playing catchup.

But don't get me wrong, Solaris 10 is not perfect. Three areas Sun really needs to improve on are:

1) Patching - Too many reboots required when patching, and patching breaks, is slow, etc etc. I can go on and on about how bad Solaris 10 patching and package management system is. Now in days you would think someone could patch a majority of an OS without rebooting. I like that IBM is trying to add something to help this. Sun needs to do this also!

2) Improve the GUI tools for the Linux and Windows users. Linux install GUI's and management tools are still easier to use.

3) Continue to make the X86 version more compatible with devices out there.

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